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Large 5LTR Insect Habitat

Product no.: HAB5

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We wanted to combine the height of the standard rectangular jar with the depth of the round jar and we have we call it the roundtangle jar, it looks great with its rounded off corners, it gives depth and height with style
The jar is the largest in our range with a capacity of just over 5Ltrs,it give space and style, it comes fitted with our brand new ultra vent, black or white version available.
This Jar habitat featured in the TV programme Minibeast adventures
Not only that, we give you a free plant and vermiculite with each jar sold, if you are going to keep stick insect just replace the plant with a real one.
We hope you are as pleased with this brand new habitat called the roundtangle habitat, it will certainly look great with your bugs inside!!
As a special offer we are giving you 
Made of clear Pvc material giving a great around view the two options are with or with the 20mm feeding hole, if you choose the option with, there will be the bugzarre unique feeding hole, which is also used as a sponge hole when not in use.
H 265mm x 159mm L x 159mm W


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Slim Line Twig Pot Twin Pack Slim Line Twig Pot Twin Pack
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Planted Bark Strip Planted Bark Strip
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