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XL Praying Mantis Jar Habitat

Product no.: NSH6[1]

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A brand new addition to our habitat range, this XL round jar is made from clear as glass P.E.T. Plastic,It's unique shape. Large vented screw lid & great visibility makes a great addition to the range

This type of housing can house all many of invertebrates & some arboreal arachnids too

SIZE H 290MM X W 180MM

Praying mantis habitat- contained in this habitat, some substrate, small piece of corkbark,small piece of artificial plant (style will vary from photo from time to time) 

The lid options are a super fine mesh or slightly coarse mesh, if you are going to keep really small bugs or feed small prey choose the fine mesh otherwise, the course is a good option, plus you can mist through the mesh



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Vermiculite Substrate 1 LTR BAG Vermiculite Substrate 1 LTR BAG
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Mini Misting Bottle Mini Misting Bottle
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Insect Pooter & Extra Pot Insect Pooter & Extra Pot
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