Ant Housing

Ant Housing

Ants are fascinating insects with complex societies & usually we only get to see a part of their lives above ground.

So if you want to see more about how ants really live, then you are going to need to build an ant farm.

There are many styles on the market, from the basic two sheets of plastic/glass with a thin layer of soil, great for watching a few ants, but not really suitable to house a full colony, for that you will require something to create a more natural style of home for them.

This section covers a few options for you from blank tanks for you to add your own style of vents and tubes etc. or buy a set which is ready for you to connect up.

The section on setting up your ant farm will show you a couple of options on how to build a nest area.

Happy Ant keeping

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Product no.: AHSR1234

This Small box is ideal to make into an ant arena and connect it to one of the larger boxes

139mm L X 79mm W X 60mm  H

£7.99 *
Product no.: AHLDB1245

A rectangular style of container made from a ridgid clear plastic great for ants 

SIZE 200mm L X 100mm W X 100mm H

£13.99 *
Product no.: SAH647

The main tank is a new design for us and is perfect for making it your main nest area.

140mm tall x 180mm long & 60mm deep

£10.99 *
Product no.: NANO1[1]

Small Nano box housing ideal for queen and a few workers,starter unit,or arena area 

Size 80 mm x 65 mm x 55mm

£2.50 *
Product no.: P285

A new style Plastic box Ideal for making into ant farms & invert tanks


200mm L x 100mm W x 95mm H

£9.99 *

 plus delivery

21 - 25 of 25 results