Traditional Stick Insect Rearing Jars

Traditional Stick Insect Rearing Jars

Traditional Stick Insect Rearing Jars

Traditional sweet jars have been used for many years to keep all types of bugs and insects,we have added our unqiue micro mesh vent to most of our jar habitats, these vents will allow air to come into the environment, whilst keeping even the smallest of bugs, where they belong inside.

You will see many differant styles of habitats in this section and all can house stick insects, some, until they out grow them, and need rehousing, whilst small species of stick insect & Mantis like the flower mantis, for example can be housed quite happily until adulthood.

Most children love to keep stick insects,the common indian stick insect is a very popular choice, you could keep 2-3 of these in the larger jars, this is a great why into the hobby.

Jar habitats make an ideal starter home for many insects as they keep the humidity levels quite high which is important for a good moult, it is always a good idea to find out about the species that you are going to keep, just to make sure that you understand it's needs



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Product no.: MHDP

This kit is ideal for breeding then collecting fruitflies. fitted with our own mesh vent and access cap

Includes Pooter (style may vary)


£10.99 *
Product no.: MHRL400

A great little jar fitted with a pop out vent , great for feeding with the minimum of disturbance  



£5.99 *
Product no.: IRP12

Insect Rearing Pots ideal for many types of Insect, made from clear P.E.T fitted with a fine mesh vent

£2.49 *

 plus delivery

21 - 23 of 23 results