Twin-Vented Mini Viv + Water Pot

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A  brand new variation of a popular product,after hatch out egg of the regal moth I needed a small vivarium to initially house the caterpillars.

It had to contain a small water pot that could not be tipped over & have plenty of ventilation, so this new version was born.

It has to large vents either side with a very fine mesh , so even fruit flies can not get out so would make it perfect for early instar praying mantis etc.

The pot fits neatly into the bottom so the leaves will stay fresh for longer, making it ideal for early instar stick insect and leaf insects.

This mini vivarium will give your bugs a great start to life, and apart from some small flower mantis, most other invertebrates will need to be re housed as they grow.

The advantage of using this system is the small viv will maintain a good level of humidity which will be perfect for moulting etc, also any prey eating bugs like mantis, will find it easier to hunt as their prey has less area to hide and escape in.

So in essence a great little starter home giving good air circulation and visibility to give your new pet a great start to life 

H 215 MM W 110 MM D 90 MM


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