Stick Insect Hatching Tank

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There are many ways to hatch out stick insects eggs successfully, but the biggest killer of eggs is mould.

I would like to share my method of hatching eggs, this method is highly successful & I don't lose any through mould

The hatching tank is a customised fish hatcher,I have customised it by adding small feet to the base, this lifts the base of the ground and allows air to come in from the base over the eggs and out through the lid ( I have added a larger vent to the lid)

Finally some netting (which can be removed) is fixed to the central tray, the eggs get plenty of air around them and the water (spray when needed) evaporates so the eggs are not sitting constantly on damp tissues etc

I have used this system for many years now with great success 

16cm x 7cm x 7cm


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