Rose Of Jericho


Rose Of Jericho

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This is truly a fascinating plant and one that looks great in the desert vivarium, in its dry and dormant state it gets blown around dry and arid locations, just like tumble weed, however when the rains come it slowly unfolds and turns green.


Because of this it is also called the resurrection plant and one which has been in voodoo folklore.

When you get your rose of Jericho it will be in it's dry state, to resurrect the plant. Follow the instructions below, the plant will look great in the desert viv live or dormant, you could follow the instructions and when it turns green place in the viv to slowly dry out again our keep it in the viv in its green state with a little water.

When you get your plant you will see that it has a blunt rooted base with fine strands of root visible.

Place this in a very shallow tray /bowl of water (some people place pebbles in the tray) make sure that you change the water often otherwise mould could start to take hold.

You will see the plant unfurl its fronds and over time turn green,if you want it to turn brown again dry it out for about a week or until all the fronds have curled into a tight ball

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