Pop Up Insect Cage Large White 60cm

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This is a brand new range from Bugzarre the bug-view pop up cage, is fantastic for your large Mantis, Stick Insects,Jungle Nymphs, it could also be used to house certain reptile which love the extra ventilation.

Can also be used as a breeding cage

24"x14"x14" size

Very fine netting

Twin zipped Entry

Clear PVC side ,can be used as a viewing panel or base

Two carry handles Can be used in portrait or landscape position.

Folds up when not in use

Strong flexible springs.

Please note that this item will come very compact, be careful when opening as the strong springs will unfold very quickly,also the Pvc panel will be creased due to the the in which it is packaged, but these will reduce in time.

TIP you can use a hairdryer on hot to help remove the creases quicker,howvever do not hold the hairdryer in one place for long otherwise this may cause the pvc to melt

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