Praying Mantis Enclosure Set

Product no.: PMS1

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New Style Housing With Air Tight Lid

This listing is for a set of two enclosures a decor pack and feeding caps, please see below for full description of product including sizes etc

When you are feeding small prey insects to praying mantis for example,they can, if no fine netting is placed under the lid escape by crawling under the lip of the enclosure

To prevent this happening we have now introduced a couple of sizes with a rubber seal around the lip of the lid, also with the fine mesh vents small insects will stay inside the enclosure

Like many of out enclosures the vents are placed at different heights either side of the enclosure to maximize airflow the enclosure is made from plastic

We have also placed a feeding hole in the lid with a lift off cap to help drop in small prey animals without the need to remove the entire lid

The enclosures can be used to house many other type of Invertebrate or arachnid if you are housing young insects, then these may need to be re housed before they reach the adult stage, the size of the enclosure is below


Small Size Enclosure
H 17.5cm x L 17.5cm x W 17.5cm

Larger Size Enclosure
H 22.5CM x L 20CM x W 20CM

Two Small Pieces Of Corkbark

One Bag Substrate

One Artificial Plant (Can be cut to decorate both enclosures) May Vary From Photo

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