Mini Clear Vivarium Including Decor

Product no.: PL200

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I have just re-purposed this containers to make great mantid homes for smaller or juvenile mantids, I had a few left over after housing some flower mantis, and to be honest these little containers are perfect for them, and look great too.

The containers are made from clear plastic and features a lockdown lid(just flip the catch upright to unlock grab hold of lid an ease off) as well as the lock down lid the enclosure is fitted with a fine mesh vent so if you are feeding fruitflies then they stay where they should on the inside.

I will also include a bit of decor similar to that seen in photo, but may not be the same, but you will get a small piece of corkbark, with plant & substrate.

You could also house small arboreal spiders or slings.

They will provide a great starter until on a budget, I only have a couple in stock at the moment as they where extra to my requirement's

23cm x 10cm x 10cm

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