Instant Coir

Product no.: NWC

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The main benefit of loose coir is it is ready to go, no heavy bricks, no buckets which is ideal if you only need to add smaller amounts & it is instant just add water and mix, can be used then straight away

Now 200 grams will make approx 1 kilo of usable coir, this is based on adding two pints of water as you will see in the photo

It comes supplied in a clip seal bag just add your water and can be used within minutes, the rest can be kept in the grip seal bag, a brilliant idea when you need a small amount 

But I like a fair amount of moisture in the mix if you prefer less just add less water start with a pint to 200 grams and see how you go

This organic sieved coir offered for sale are from a sustainable source,and has to pass quality control test to ensure freedom of salt, that can be present with some coir products on the market.

Coir is the outside husk from the coconut 

Re-wets easily

Good water retention qualities



pH neutral - between 4.5 and 6.0

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