Mini Globe Habitat

Product no.: MG12

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Just added to our range of insect housing are these new style micro enclosures, which are ideal for slings and other small arachnids.

Although small this housing provides plenty of space  due to it's large footprint, it also gives a great view from any angle another advantage  having two flat surfaces,  one provides a secure base the other provides a platform, where other units can be stacked if required can be stacked as seen in the photo.

The enclosure also comes with a large vented area, the mesh is a very fine plastic mesh, even fruit-flies can't escape .

These enclosures are not meant to house adults (unless the species is small when adult) but interim housing if you are moving slings from tubes this would be the next good step.

No decoration is provided with the habitats and the photo shows a decoration suggestion.

Length 110mm
Width   100mm
Height  60mm

Lid size 70mm

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