Arboreal Insect Cage Split Level

Product no.: MAC3

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A brand new item for us is the Midi arboreal enclosure, which we are very excited about, there are plenty on terrestrial versions, but if you want a little more height, well there harder to find, until now.

These Stunning  enclosures are ideal to start off nymphs of many arboreal invertebrates/Spiders some species of gecko & tree frog could also be housed what makes them even better is the fact they come apart for ease of cleaning and feeding
Currently available the fine mesh vent, stops even the smallest bugs from escaping.
No Decor Included
Made from a clear plastic, they give great visibility
HEIGHT 18cm (180MM)
WIDTH  10cm (approx 100MM )
DEPTH   10CM (approx 100MM)



Product Note Status Price
Insect Pooter & Extra Pot Insect Pooter & Extra Pot
Great for Fruit Flies £3.99 *
Mini Misting Bottle Mini Misting Bottle
£1.99 / bottle(s) *

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