Bug Hunting and Cage Set

Product no.: KIT321
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Bug Hunting Set Inc: Insect Pooter,Bug Pot,and Bug Tongs


Designed not to be perfectly round so that bugs will find a crevice to hide in and are easier to observe.

The jar contains two holes; one of which has a fine mesh covering to prevent bugs being drawn into the mouth. Two lengths of tubing (removable for easy washing) are supplied.

Bug Pot
Complete with 5mm squared measuring grid in the base and 2.5x magnification 
Approx 4 cm High

The scissor action tongs are fun; easy and safe to use for both capture and 
release of many types of Insect

Great for stick Insects and caterpillars, zipped door, one clear panel for 
observation folds flat when not in use.

Size 30cm x 30cm x 30cm

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