Stick Insect Ultimate Kit

Product no.: KIT1

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The Ultra stick Insect Rearing Kit

This kit with give you all you need to raise stick insect in one bundle.


Small Clear Plastic Cube

This is a great way to hatch your stick insect eggs and is used by many hobbyist, it does not have air holes as they are not required at this stage, so it maintains a good environment for the eggs to hatch .

The Micro Habitat.

Designed in house and is a small clear plastic jar with a ultra fine mesh vent fitted in the lid, once your eggs hatch move the young stickies into this jar until they shed their skin for the first time

Small Pop up cage

The pop up cage is approx 300mm cube which comes flatpacked once opened it will be a great little house for your stick insects up to adult ( of course not the giant species )

Anti spill Pot

To keep the leaves fresher for longer we include one of our twig pots fill it with approx 50ml of clean water put in the leaves (plug the top with cotton wool if required) and if it tips over the water will stay in the pot,great for the pop up cage

You will also get a small brush to handle the young stickies so they do not get injured and a plastic magnifier glass so you can study them close up.

This kit is not giftboxed  




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