Professional Grade Glass Pooter

Product no.: GLSPTR

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After getting many request for this type of pooter, I felt it time to develop one in house & hopefully this will satisfy those who have asked.


This pooter comes with changeable mesh filters a coarse mesh, that will provide greater suction and a fine mesh that will filter out smaller debris (suction is reduced the finer you go).

The suction tube will come fitted approx 50 cm long 9mm OD, this will give better reach.

The filter mesh can be changed simply by pulling the pvc tube away from the top of black stopper  fitting new mesh is simply the reverse of this procedure

Size of prey! ok remember that the tube has a ID of about 6mm, so fruitflies, ants,micro crickets etc it can also be used to collect fine seeds.

The glass tube is approx 25mm OD with ID of about 22mm the glass body is 140mm

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