Bugview BV400 Acrylic Insect Housing

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Brand new product called the Bugview 360 this product is manufactured in house to provide ideal housing for Invertebrates,Arachnids as well as some arboreal reptiles & tree frogs etc

Constructed from a high grade acrylic which gives great visibility and a large vented area, the bugview provides ideal housing whilst giving you a great view of what's inside

The lid has been designed to hold the mesh into place, you may find it a tight fit to start, this is deliberate and is meant to hold the mesh tightly into place providing a moulting area if required by some insects it also prevents the net from sagging if larger inhabitant hold onto it

The large vented area means you can mist through the mesh you can also heat from above using a lamp, if you are going to do this I would recommend using the coarse mesh and placing the lamp no closer then 30 cm,this is the method That I use

The bugview 360 will maintain humidity and temperature levels better then a complete mesh or net cage, it will also give you better visibilty

The bugview 360 should give you years of use if looked after, the mesh and gaskets can be purchased if spares are required you can clean your Bugview 360 with warm water and a microfibre cloth to maintain it's visibility, there are also products on the market to remove light scuffs and scratches should you need them

Product Details

Material-Acrylic 400mm H x 200mm D x 3mm Thickness

Lid-Rubber seal

Mesh- Fine mesh HDPE-Coarse mesh Fibreglass



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Mini Ivy Plant Mini Ivy Plant
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Fiberglass Coated PVC Mesh Black 1MTR Fiberglass Coated PVC Mesh Black 1MTR
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