Amazing Pets & How To Keep Them

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Designed specifically for the 8–12 year old age group, Amazing Pets and how to keep them showcases the world’s most exciting small creatures suitable for children to easily and ethically rear at home!

All of the groups of pets included in this book (listed below) are easy to keep, harmless, fast growing and fascinating.

The diverse range of small creatures included here is specifically selected to showcase many of nature’s most intricate animal groups to inspire interest and awe in the natural world. Observation of the life cycles of these pets also introduces understanding of biological processes including, among others, metamorphosis, camouflage and drought survival adaptations.

Amazing Pets and how to keep them includes carefully crafted text that is easy to read but rich with educational information. Featuring over 400 spectacular images and drawings, this work details everything you need to know in order to obtain, successfully rear and breed your own collection of incredible small creatures at home!

Amazing Pets and how to keep them will appeal to students, schools, naturalists, pet enthusiasts and all those interested in science and conservation.

This is a must-have book for budding young naturalists!

This title comprises the following chapters:

●     stick and leaf insects
●     butterflies and moths
●     mantises
●     giant millipedes
●     beetles
●     Triops tadpole shrimps
●     giant land snails


Author: Stewart McPherson
Publication date: 1st March 2019

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