Budget Clip Enclosure With Jellies

Product no.: BC1[1]

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We have repurposed these storage boxes with our unique brand of ventilation to make  good basic starter housing for many young ground dwelling invertebrates the unit comes with a large fine mesh vent and a seal around the lid for extra security.

Also placed in the lid a small feeding hole which enables feeding without the need to remove the lid completely,the whole unit is made from plastic including the vent and mesh so can be re used many times.

Please not that the vent and seal colour may vary from time to time otherwise everything else is as you see it

We have also added 12 mixed beetle jelly pots
The size of the unit 14cm x14cm x 5cm


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Instant Coir Instant Coir
£2.99 *
Mini Selection Cork Bark Mini Selection Cork Bark
£2.75 / pack(s) *

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