Bugview 360B Insect Cage

Product no.: B360BZ

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New to our stock list is this arboreal insect cage, great for stick & leaf insects praying mantis and many more arboreal insects unlike wooden vivariums the clearview has transparent sides (not clear) which lets in loads of light,which is great when viewing the insect through the clear perspex viewing window/door.

Four large plastic mesh vents two on each side provide great air circulation into the cage

Size 35cm TALL X 22cm Wide X 27cm Deep


Are all the sides clear?

No the sides are transparent whilst you can see through the back and sides it is not crystal clear and it's main purpose is to let in light.

Is the door secure when closed?

There are two magnets which hold the door in place

What type of insects can I keep in this cage?

Perfect for stick insects & praying mantis + caterpillars etc


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