Small Arboreal Insect Cage

Product no.: ARSML

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We are pleased to announce a brand new product range for 2013 called the Ultra vent , there will be various products launched this year, with a brand new vent called the ultra vent.

This particular vent is exclusive to Bugzarre developed specifically for us, to use in our range of Insect housing.

The vent is a doughnut shape with an ultra mesh centre even the smallest insect can't escape. The Outer ring of the vent is approx 50mm the inside ring approx 25mm,the advantage this vent has over others is that it gives great airflow whilst letting you see straight through it.

This Tall Square housing is made of a Clear plastic,with the combination of the lock down handles and our Ultra vents makes this escape proof even for the smallest bugs,it's great for nymphs . The Vents are fitted either side one slightly higher then the other,giving better air flow

Colour of handles may vary from picture

No decor Incuded

H 16CM X W 14CM X L 14CM



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