Sphagnum Moss Blocks 1 kilo

Sphagnum Moss Blocks 1 kilo

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This is the best way to buy moss for the vivarium as it is dried and free from bugs or mould

Imported from New Zealand made from cleaned, chopped, dried and compressed sphagnum moss.

It is compressed into small blocks that when reconstituted make a light, fluffy moss

when you add 1.5Ltrs of water to 100 grams moss it will swell to an impressive 4.5ltrs and is totally safe for your vivarium. 

You will get 250 grams  of compressed moss, just add water

The photo shows just 50 grams of moss added to water

increases and maintains the humidity in a terrarium
also suitable as a nutritious base for plants (e.g. orchids)
no chemical additives
made of renewable resources

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