Huge 40LTR Arboreal Enclosure Plastic Mesh Vents

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We have now added our largest ever clippy cage a massive 40ltr 40 cm high ( full spec below), we have sold clippy cages for many years now and up until now our largest was 20 ltr so this one is double the capacity.

I use these type of cages for many of my insects and presently I house my giant atlas moth larvae in one, the advantage in housing in this type of enclosure, is it maintains good humidity and if your insects require humidity, like the Giant atlas moth larvae, then this is easy to achieve, what I do is have my enclosure on a heat mat and pour a little water on the bottom then naturally the warm moist air creates a natural atmosphere without over wetting the leaves.

Size 40cm H x W 36cm x D 36 cm

Please see below for more details.


What type of vents are fitted?

This one comes with plastic mesh vents

Will the mesh prevent fruit flies from escaping?

No if you require a finer mesh then msg me to see if this can be done.

Is it clear plastic?

It is not clear as glass plastic but will still give a good view the photo of my moth larvae was actually shot through the plastic and has not been enhanced.

I can by a net cage really cheap, why should I spend more on your enclosure?.

Net cages have there place, I even use them myself, but they can be rather cold in the winter and difficult to heat or maintain good humidity, also they get soiled quickly, for example when moths hatch they secret some liquid which simply will not come off the net mesh. Our enclosure can be washed and maintained and will give a long service



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