Clippy Enclosure With Changeable Mesh Vents

Product no.: 21DVC

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A brand new addition to our range this large enclosure is suitable for many types of invertebrate vented with large twin vents at each end which will provide great air circulation

This enclosure is the only one we do that gives you an opportunity to change the mesh liners if they get soiled or if you wish to fit a finer mesh, they simply pop out as shown in the listing photos

The removable mesh makes this an ideal enclosure for large snails which can block the mesh up with their slime and dirt will then stick to block up and reduce the airflow although this can be washed off eventually the mesh may soil beyond washing, so it is a great advantage that you can change the mesh if required

If you are going to keep tarantulas then you will need a metal mesh this can also be fitted to your enclosure email for this option please

You will get a couple of sheets of extra mesh a fine and coarse one with your enclosure so you may change if required

The actual enclosure is made from plastic and has lock down handles it is fairly large with the size below, there is no decor sent with this listing and you are buying just the enclosure no decoration 

420mm Long x 280mm Wide x 28mm High

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