Jumping Spider Vivarium

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This starter set is a perfect introduction to keeping jumping spiders, (if you are going to keep praying mantis the larger species will need to be rehoused as they get larger whilst smaller specie's like flower mantis for example can be housed as adults).

You will get what is shown in the photo although the actual wood and plant may vary in style as is the nature of wood no two bits are the same, apart from that the photo is a good rendition of what you get.

The mini viv itself has two vents one either side( the mesh used will be coarse and will stop greenbottles etc) a small feeding hole in the top and the top lifts off so you will not disturb any webs, but you will be able to clean and gain access

You will also get a insect pooter to collect the fruit-flies or other small pray you are likely to feed to your new pet and the mini mister bottle

Not only does this little set up look great it will provide a great value starter home

Total height including lid 190mm x 100mm

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