Split Level Spider Tank

Product no.: 1EBLK[3]

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This listing is for our own very unique spider tank aimed specifically at jumping spiders , over the years clients keep asking about a split level tank for jumping spiders as they tend to web in the top.

For a short while I was able to source some split half units from the states , however this get expensive and often many came in damaged, and now with whats gong on in the world even more impractical to get them shipped in.

So I came up with a design which I have been using myself for a few months and I must say works very well, and is a solution to the problem of top webbers.

The unit itself consists of two half's joined together by a large open widget ( see photos) this means that the top can be removed and flies etc placed in the bottom easy quick and does not bother the spider in the top half.

The unit is vented at the top with fine mesh which will prevent fruitfiles from escaping.

The photos show how everything thing works and is a definite workaround of not being able to get split half tanks in stock


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