Insect Housing Starter Pack

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Just added to our range this enclosure sits about mid range of our collection of housing, which makes it ideal for both stick insects and praying mantis, however some larger species may require re housing, if you are successful, if you are looking for something larger, please pay visit to our ebay store and look under the housing section.

This set comes complete with one of our popular twig pots and a small mister bottle (if you are going to keep mantis and do not need the twig pot leave a msg and I will pop in a small artificial plant for you instead.

This enclosure comes with a vent either side to aid cross air circulation the mesh is coarse to allow even more air to come in ( if you are going to be feeding small prey like fruit flies you will require fine mesh just msg me if this is the case.

H 22cm
W 28cm
D 25cm


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Twig Pot Twin Pack Twig Pot Twin Pack
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Mini Misting Bottle Mini Misting Bottle
£1.99 / bottle(s) *

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