Stick Insect Starter Pack

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We have just added this set to our range, the set features one of our popular Insect housing sets & a brand new keeping insects book

The book comes in hardback and is probably the best book out there aimed at children who like bugs! & features some great photos along with handy tips on keeping all manner of bugs

As one of the books recommended suppliers of insects cages (you'll see a list of suppliers in the back of the book) we thought it would be great to combine this book with one of our cages

The featured cage is made from plastic comes fitted with two vents either side to allow air moment but the fine mesh will keep inhabitants on the inside

The cage also features a sheet of netting that fits under the lid, this allows the insects to hang from and extra security

You simply place the net under the lid then clip into place, lastly you will get a small twig pot to keep the leaves fresh

This is a really nice set for any child starting out and the section on stick insects provide all the info you will need to give them a happy home

Cage Size

28cm H x 25cm W


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