10LTR Side Vented Shallow Enclosure

Product no.: 10JKR

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Just added to the range is the large flat with interchangeable vents, we have had a smaller version in our range for quite a while now, and has proved very popular

So now we can offer a larger version, however on top of being larger it has a unique changeable vents system

The advantage with this system is that when the inhabitant is small being feed small prey you can use the plastic mesh vents and when they grow you can use the larger vented vents to increase air circulation.

For species that require a good level of humidity by using the smaller mesh vents will increase the humidity whilst the larger vents will decrease the humidity levels

The enclosure is made from plastic with lock down lid and the vents placed at each end will allow air to travel throughout the enclosure

There is no decor included with this item


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