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Product no.: FSU5

For all types of fluorescent tubes up to 80watt Pack of five FSU starters







£3.98 *
Product no.: SP1

A safe way of cleaning out your turtle tanks etc also great for aquariums too,without getting mouthfuls of dirty water

£3.71 *
Product no.: 76321

To enrich your vivarium display by giving a uniform tropical background and enhances the environment of your pet

Size L 150cm x 60cm H

£7.99 *
Product no.: 76320

This background is double sided so you have a choice of two background options great when you fancy a change

£7.99 *
Product no.: 76118

This Vivarium hygrometer has a small sticy patch on the reverse, a valuable piece of equipment

£4.99 *
Product no.: 76111

Small and unobtrusive thermometer,easy to read dials and colour zones, attaches via a pad on the reverse

£4.99 *

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