Lighting Accessories

Lighting Accessories

Lighting Accessories

This section has the equipment required to help you provide lighting in the Vivarium & lamp guards which help protect your pet from burns

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Product no.: bc2

A very handy convertor which allows the use of a screw base E27 lamp in a B22 Bc lamp holder

£3.99 *
Product no.: CLP1

Clip on 60w BC lamp holder, great for providing heat and light where a normal holder is not suitable

£5.99 *
Product no.: CLP2

This lamp holder comes with a handy converter, that enables you to use E27 screw cap lamps with fitting

£7.99 *
Product no.: BLCLP

A very useful clip on lamp holder including a beneficial UVA Basking Lamp & adaptor


50W Lamp


£12.99 *
Product no.: CLPLB1

A great value bundle includes Clip on fitting wth  beneficial UVA bulb,lamp convertor & timer


£15.99 *
Product no.: 76070b

A great clamp lamp holder can be used as a clamp lamp or hanging lamp holder,full instructions included

£29.99 *
Product no.: 76128B

Vivarium Lamp/Bulb Guard / Cage to protect the inhabitants from getting too close  and causing damage to skin.



£12.99 *

 plus delivery