The Very Lazy Caterpillar Bug Hunting Shop

The Very Lazy Caterpillar Bug Hunting Shop

We have selected a few items that will help you find and watch a few of those characters you have been reading about

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Mini Bug Pot

Product no.: MBB

A Mini Bug Viewer great for bug hunting parties,party bags & group bug hunting

Size 25mm x 25mm

£0.45 *

Large Bug Pot

Product no.: 030BP

This Bug Viewer give approx 4 x Magnification and its shape means it can be stored in trays etc

35mm x 35mm

£0.65 *

Bug Jar Set

Product no.: BJ98

Handy bug pot set includes  tall style bug pot/jar with magnified lid and breather holes

80mm H x 50mm Dia

£4.75 *

invicta large magnifier set

Product no.: IV3

Great for studying bugs, without them escaping! perfect for group bug hunts too very large viewer & bowl

Size: 10cm x 11cm

£13.49 *

Mini Bug Bucket (Green)

Product no.: MBKT1
What a great item to take on a day out or just in the garden will really get the kids closer to nature.
Size 90mm Diameter x 110mm tall
£6.99 *

Extra Large Bug Viewer

Product no.: GBV3

A supersized bug viewer & beaker, this large bug viewer is perfect for group study large lens & viewing chamber

Lens Dia 60mm and 110mm tall

£6.99 *

Two Handed Bug Viewer

Product no.: GBV616

Giant bug viewer great for groups and individuals,observe bugs from different angles

includes 5 x mini Beast cards

£10.99 *

Childrens Bug Pot Pendant

Product no.: BVP10

A great idea for a bug hunt or party bag filler a mini bug pot Pendent in a mix of colours 

One Supplied

£1.50 *

Bug Beaker

Product no.: BBK270

The Bug Beaker perfect for days out bug hunting and contains all the items needed for a quick bug hunt

£8.99 *

Pro Insect pooter

Product no.: E1

Safely collect live insects. Contains a super fine mesh filter to prevent any debris entering the mouth

Our standard Pooter

£4.29 *

Giant pooter

Product no.: p5
This is a large pooter,with a good size collecting/view pot ideal for the keeper/collector alike.
£4.99 *


Product no.: b1

Bug-Tongs great for catching those small bugs at home or in the field safely and without harming them

£3.99 *

Plastic Magnifying Glass

Product no.: MAG08

A child's plastic magnifying glass ideal for bug hunting parties

Approx 11cm long

Lens 4.0cm

£0.35 *

Chunky Plastic Magnifying Glass

Product no.: MAG08[1]

A Chunky child's plastic magnifying glass ideal for bug hunting parties

Approx 16cm long


£0.99 *

Round Specimen Pots

Product no.: RDT

Small round crystal clear pots ideal for specimens,fossils,seeds etc.push fit lid
One Pot Supplied

46mm Dia x 23mm Deep

£0.20 *

Medium Clear Tray

Product no.: T210

Clear plastic tray makes it ideal to observe the contents

3 ltr L30cm x W 22cm x H7cm.

£4.99 *

Small Clear Tray

Product no.: T210[1]

Small Clear plastic tray makes it ideal to observe the contents 1 ltr

 L25cm x W18cm x H5cm

£3.99 *

Mini Observation Tanks

Product no.: MT13

These small plastic mini tanks are perfect for watching mini beasts or pondlife up close

Size 80mm x 50mm x 60mm

£0.60 *

Small Carry Tank

Product no.: 090CT

A small carry tank comes with a vented lid and a small handle 

Random colour unless requested

L 19CM X H 12CM X W 12CM

£3.99 *

 plus delivery