Bug Hunting Kits & MiniBeast Kits

Bug Hunting Kits & MiniBeast Kits

Bug Hunting Kits & MiniBeast Kits

We sell educational items which enables both children and adults alike to study the nature that surrounds them, in a fun and enjoyable way, & if you are organising your own bug hunt,we have plenty of items to help make it a successful & fun

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Midi Bug Hunting Set 35 PCS

Product no.: BBKT05

A great value bug hunting kit consisting of 35 items,including, Bug pots, bug tongs,Tweezers and magnfying glasses

£29.99 *

Mega Bug Hunting Set 67 PCS

Product no.: BBKT10

A great value bug hunting kit consisting of 67 items,including, Bug pots, bug tongs,Tweezers and magnfying glasses

£39.99 *

Mini Beast/Pond Dipping Kit

Product no.: PDK

This kit can be used for either mini-beast hunts or pond dipping, so a really good value kit

£26.99 *

Mega Minibeast & Pond Dipping Kit

Product no.: MPDK

Our largest Pond dipping / Minibeast set perfect for small groups or if you are hosting a bug hunting party

£39.99 *

50 Pce Bug Hunting Kit With Case

Product no.: BHK50

A really lovely bug hunting set ideal for small groups,the set comes in a acrylic case with a hinged lid which stores the contents perfectly

£19.99 *

Group Bug Hunting Set

Product no.: MBK

Ideal for schools or larger groups this 65 pc kit includes 30 bug pots 30 plastic magnifying Glasses,4 mini observation tanks & case

£34.99 *

Mega Bug Hunting Bucket Set

Product no.: 124567

This large bug hunting set includes 31 bug pots 31 plastic magnifying glasses & large storage/insect house

£29.99 *

Large Minibeast Study Kit

Product no.: BK1

Minibeast study pack perfect for the group study of Minibeasts inc bug tongs insect pooter etc

£32.99 *

Go Bug Hunting Kit

Product no.: BK11

This set is perfect for group bug hunting this set comprises of 10 bug pots, 10 plastic magnifying glasses and 10 handy spotter sheets.

£14.99 *

Mini Bug Hunting Set

Product no.: SMBS

This is a lovely set for small groups & contains all you need to have a successful bug hunt

£10.99 *

Junior MiniBeast Set

Product no.: MBS1

A Mini Best hunting kit complete with Mini Habitat 5 Mini bug pot Pendents and 5 Mini sheet lenses great for getting really close

£14.99 *

Small Bug Hunt/Pond Dipping Set

Product no.: MPDS

This set is a ideal for young children ( supervised by an adult) to have a go at pond dipping  or a minibeast hunt

£9.99 *

My Bug Box

Product no.: BBX

Brand new for the 2019 season is our very own bug box perfect for bug hunting,on days out or just in the garden

£7.99 *

Pocket Bug Box

Product no.: PBK

A Brilliant idea for the young bug collector the bug box provides all the items required to get started in study bugs in one handy box

£4.99 *

Budget Bug Hunting Set

Product no.: BHS1

A budget bug hunting set contains all the basics for a good bug hunt at an affordable price

£8.99 *

My Bug Hunting Kit

Product no.: BBKE1

A brand new product launch, "MY BUG COLLECTING KIT"  a great introduction to bug hunting a kit that is very well put together

£12.99 *

Bug Hunting and Cage Set

Product no.: KIT321

Bug Hunting set,Including Pop up Cage,bug tongs,Insect pooter and bug pot, great little kit for adults and children

£21.99 / pack(s) *

Bug Hunting Set & Tank

Product no.: 234567

This is a nice little bug hunting set that comes complete with a clear plastic carry tank.

£10.99 *

40 Piece Carry Tank Set

Product no.: 10CT

A great idea if you are organizing a Bug hunt,this set including 20 X little plastic magnifying glasses are just the job

£12.99 *

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