Vented Insect Rearing Boxes

Vented Insect Rearing Boxes

Vented Insect Rearing Boxes


If you keep and breed insects then these small vented boxes are ideal,they are perfect for most type of young invertebrate or arachnid.


We have unvented boxes if you prefer to add your own ventilation, just click the link below.


DSCF6395Clear Plastic Insect Rearing Boxes

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Unvented Critter Tub

Product no.: CB60[1]

£0.85 *

Vented Critter Tub

Product no.: CB60

£1.75 *

Small Vented Insect Rearing Box

Product no.: SMVIB

£3.99 *

Small Vented Rearing Box Bulk 10 Pack

Product no.: SMVIB[3]

£29.99 *

Small Insect Rearing Box Twin Pack

Product no.: SMVIB[1]

£7.59 *

Small Insect Rearing Box 10 Pack

Product no.: SMVIB[2]

£29.99 *

Vented Insect Box

Product no.: VIB

£4.99 *

Small Side Vented Insect Box

Product no.: 965874

£3.99 *

Pair Vented Insect Boxes

Product no.: TPVIB

£11.99 / pair(s) *

Insect Rearing Box Type 2

Product no.: IRB361[1]

£3.99 *

Insect Rearing Box Type 3

Product no.: IRB361[3]

£4.99 *

Insect Rearing Box Type 4

Product no.: IRB361[2]

£5.99 *


Product no.: LVCB

£5.99 *

Side Vented Critter Cube

Product no.: LVCB[1]

£4.99 *

 plus delivery