Insect Rearing Cages

Insect Rearing Cages

By far the largest & most flexible type of housing, for either the larger species of stick insect, praying mantis, or in the case of stick insect can be used to house larger colonies

As well as insects, they can also be used to house other animals too, some arboreal reptiles for example, I have even sold them to house bats,that are injured  or nursing.

There are differant styles of net cages listed here, from our largest 3ft tall pop up cages to small 1ft models.

They have many advantages in using this type of housing, the only disadvantage is some  species that require higher levels of humidity will require more spraying to keep up to those levels.

As I have said previous it's all about doing your homework,finding out what your particular species require then choosing the correct housing to give it a healthy life


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New Giant Insect Rearing Cage 90cm

Product no.: GPUWHT

A huge 3Ft tall pop up cage great for large speicies of insects & Butterflies

H x 36" x W 22" x D 22"

£15.99 *
Old price £34.99

Pop Up Insect Cage Black 60cm

Product no.: pop1

This 2Ft Tall pop up Insect rearing cage is ideal for butterflies stick insect  some arboreal reptiles

H x  24" x W 14" x D14"

£9.99 *
Old price £19.99

Pop Up Insect Cage Large White 60cm

Product no.: POP1WH

2FT Large pop up cage, in white, perfect for Stick Insects,Butterflies and Some arboreal reptiles

H x  24" x W 14" x D14"

£9.99 *
Old price £19.99

Stick Insect Ultimate Kit

Product no.: KIT1

The ultra stick Insect rearing kit,This kit with give you all you need to raise stick insects in one bundle.



£24.99 *

Pop up Insect cage Small 30cm

Product no.: pop2

1FT Tall Praying mantis/Stick Insect/Leaf Insect/butterfly/chameleon pop up cage

H x 12" x W 12" x D12"

£8.99 *
Old price £12.99

Pop up Insect Cage 30cm

Product no.: pop3wh

This pop up cage is great for many types of insect including Leaf insects and praying mantis and caterpillers

H x 30cm x Dia 25cm

£8.99 *
Old price £12.99

Black Round Insect Cage 35cm

Product no.: RDPOP5

A fine mesh round pop up cage perfect for many type of invertebrates,moths,butterflies etc

H x 35cm x Dia 30cm

£9.99 *
Old price £18.99

Budget Insect Rearing Sleeve

Product no.: IRSBLK

Brand new and exclusive to bugzarre,this insect rearing sleeve a great addition for the Insect Keeper/Hobbyist

Size 30CM L X 25CM WIDE

£3.99 *

 plus delivery