Micro Vivariums

Micro Vivariums

Micro Vivariums

Our smallest range of vivariums, ideal for very young invertebrates & arachnids, these micro viariums are made from clear plastic in differant styles and venting options.

The vents range from simple holes in the side o fine mesh vents for the smallest of bugs, so even fruit flies will fail to escape from, if you prefer to have a go and add your own vents, this will be cheaper and the various boxes can be purchased in the Clear Plastic Insect boxes section of the store.

Most preditorial insects have to be housed in encloses suitable for their size, so these little micro vivariums would be perfect for them

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Vented Insect Box

Product no.: VIB

Small clear plastic boxes with a fine mesh lid great for small bugs,young nymphs and slings

H 73mm x 73mm x 73mm

£4.99 *

Small Side Vented Insect Box

Product no.: 965874
A small side vented insect rearing box with a vent at the rear, perfect for slings etc
H 73mm x 73mm x 73mm
£3.99 *

2 x Small Insect Rearing Box

Product no.: SMVIB[1]

These small clear plastic boxes have side ventilation & stackable great for young nymphs of all species 

73MM X 73MM X 73MM

£7.59 *

Insect Rearing Box Type 4

Product no.: IRB361[2]

A brand new style Insect rearing box ideal for nymphs and slings,supplied with fine mesh vent & feeding cap

L 80mm X W 55mm X 62mm

£4.49 *

Insect Rearing Box Type 5

Product no.: IRBT5

Type 5 insect box comes with a grill style vent fitted to lid,not suitable for tiny prey insects

L 80mm X W 55 X H 65

£3.99 *

Small Insect Cubes

Product no.: SC18

Small Insect Rearing cubes made from plastic vented with fine mesh vent, perfect for slings

5cm x 5cm x 5cm

£1.50 *

 plus delivery