Housing Accessories

Housing Accessories

Housing Accessories

This section is about accessories, that might enhance your invertebrate life & help you get more enjoyment from your hobby,I will only include a few items here,items that I find essentail.


The first an atomisers these create a very fine mist of micro water droplets, these tend to cling to the surface on plants for longer, then the spray provided by the standard plant misters, you get in garden centres,small droplets are perfect for leaf eating insects that usually get the water they require from dew on leaves, the other advantage, small stick insects can be knocked off their food plants if you use a standard plant sprayer .


The other vital item if you keep leaf insects are twig pots. these will prolong the life of the plants and reduce the chore of constantly changing leaves 

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New Slim Line Twig Pot Twin Pack

Product no.: TWI2[1]

£4.99 *

Twiggle Pot and Hatching box

Product no.: TP

£6.99 *

Twig Pot Twin Pack

Product no.: TWI2

£4.99 *

Extra Large Twig Pot 1 Ltr

Product no.: LTRT

£3.99 *

Mini Misting Bottle

Product no.: SB1

£1.99 / bottle(s) *

Stick Insect Hatching Set

Product no.: HS1

£9.99 / pack(s) *

Vivarium Hygrometer

Product no.: 76118

£4.99 *

Thermometer, Analogue

Product no.: 76111

£4.99 *

 plus delivery