Clear Plastic Insect Rearing Boxes

Clear Plastic Insect Rearing Boxes

Clear Plastic Insect Rearing Boxes

These clear boxes have been used for many years to rear young Invertebrates, arachnids & great for rearing young caterpillars they are supplied as blank boxes for you to customise as you wish.

If you prefer we have a selection of these boxes for sale with various ventilation options although they a more expensive then the blank boxes, they are ready to use

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Product no.: IRB361

A brand new style Insect rearing box ideal for young nymphs and slings,this one is supplied unvented box

L 80mm X W 55mm X 62mm

£2.99 *
Product no.: DC1

Handy Little plastic cube display box, great for specimen keeping or add vents to keep small bugs

£2.79 *
Product no.: DC2

Medium Size Plastic Insect Rearing box also  great for specimens,fossils etc 

140 x 79 x 60MM

£2.95 *
Product no.: DC2A

A great value 5 x pack of this medium size clear plastic box ideal for insect rearing

139 X 79 X 60MM

£11.99 / pack(s) *
Product no.: DC3

A large clear plastic Insect rearing container, also great for display and models

174mm x 115mm x 60mm

£6.70 *
Product no.: DC3a

A great value Bulk Pack of 5 Boxes made from clear plastic many uses for the bug collector

Size 5

175mm x 113 x 57mm

£25.29 / pack(s) *
Product no.: DC4

X-Large Plastic Insect rearing Container aslo great for display, fossils etc


279mm x 159mm x 102

£9.99 *

Currently In Stock

Product no.: DC4A

This XL size plastic Box is now availible in a great value twin pack

Size 6

280 x 160 x 103mm

£16.99 / pack(s) *

Currently In Stock


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