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We have just added the twin nest set to our shop,this set is ideal for an expanding colony and ant can use it as one large nest.

It can also provide a place for a new queen to move into to start her own colony.

The two tanks are joined via a 15mm clear pvc tube and connected using our flexi connectors


Ok here you have a choice I can either send out the tanks ready to connect or if you wish to start off the colony in one tank I can send out blind connectors so all you have to do when ready is pierce the membrane and push in the Tubing.

Please leave a note on your order if you wish to have blind connectors


 Approx 215mm Tall 110mm Wide and 90mm Deep, fitted with a fine Wire mesh vent.

From Aug 2017 we are using a new method of connecting the housing and arena together called the flexi system.

This will make it easier for the user to connect extra housing and replace the tube if it becomes soiled.

When you get your housing and arena you will need to connect them just by pushing in the tube into the holders

The photo shows an example of my set up the item you will be buying is just the


The small plants you can see in the photo are available to buy separately 


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Ant Farm Mix Ant Farm Mix
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Ant Farm Sand Plain Ant Farm Sand Plain
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