Stick Insect Hatching Set

Product no.: HS1
£9.99 / pack(s)

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This is a great little set if you are hatching stick insect or phasmid eggs

The set will provide you with the right equipment that will give your eggs the best chance of hatching.

The Hatching Box Instructions - This small clear plastic box comes with a vented lid, just place some vermiculite in the base (place whatever eggs you wish to hatch in the vermiculite)

Spray with the fine misting bottle pit the lid back on and wait. 

1 x Twig Pot-Place your twigs into the pot & some cotton wool around the base if very small nymphs,this little anti spill pot will help keep your leaves fresh

1 X Brush-(for small nymphs)

1 x Glass Magnifier - to keep an eye on things

1 x Small fine mister bottle

1 x small bag vermiculite- -used by many breeders due to it's anti mould properties 

1 x small hatching pot approx 73mm sq

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