Nano Ant Farm & Arena

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Nano Ant Farm & Arena

A brand new product launch is our Nano ant farm pack this pack is an ideal way to start a small colony and the great thing is you can always add another module at a later date, as each module comes with a port plug ready to be removed and pipe inserted when you are ready to expand.

Every module comes pre fitted with a fine metal gauze making it secure  for even the smallest of ants

A simple way into the hobby just add a ant mix into a module 1  firm it down gently then use a toothpick to make a starter tunnel the middle is a good place to start, as pushing a toothpick near the front may result in scratches 

Then add your queen, use some black card on one side this will encourage her to make her nest close to the side

Use a finer sand in the arena (refer to photo, don't fill too deep and decorate as required

Once ready connect your arena with the enclosed tube, first remove the plug this is done by pushing the to sides together from the inside which hold it firm then it will simply pop out

Wet the tube a gently feed it into the hole do not use too much force

The you are away, to save on printing no instructions will be sent with your Nano ant farm, please refer to the instructions above for reference

Nesting sand, arena sand and the nano plants INCLUDED (No bowl)




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