My Bug Hunting Kit

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After seeing so many low end bug collecting kits around, that really are not suited for the purpose of bug study but more like party bag fillers

I decided to have a bug collecting kit put together, that will really do the job and give many happy hours of bug study for all those budding bugologists

All the items have carefully been selected to give a real insight into the minbeast world

Mini Pooter
This can be used to collect very small insects like ants, the suction part of the pooter comes with a very fine mesh so no debris will end up where you don't want,it, in your mouth!
Bug Pot
This is a good quality bug pot used by schools and groups 2.5 x Magnifying lid
Bug Tongs
A good quality pair of bug tongs made from stainless steel with split capture bowl
Magnifying Glass
A quality glass magnifier a jumbo magnifying glass with a real glass lens
Mini Jar Habitat
This clear plastic jar comes with a vented lid so all types of bugs will be happy to stay for a while, once studied realise them back into the wild

Insect Spotter Sheets (tick as you find)
Plastic Tweezers
Note book & pencil-sketch and take notes of what you have seen

This really is a well thought out kit and will give hours of enjoyment it also comes boxed and will make a very nice gift

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