Budget Stick Insect Cage

Product no.: BSTC

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I love to repurpose items and use for insect homes, my latest customised home is this  stick insect housing which I have been using myself for about 6mths, not to everyone's taste as it is transparent not clear and has a chris-cross pattern in the plastic which is flexible, but I tell you what it is great if you have a few stickies to house and you want it done cheaply, I have added vents either side, mesh under the lid and a twig pot.

Transparent flexible plastic (not clear or rigid plastic, please refer to photo's)
Great height of 32cm
Easy to open lid (place mesh underlid as stick insects love to hang)
Lets plenty of light in which is great for the food plants
Space saving slimline design which means you can have many side by side as I do

33cmH X 23cmW X14CM D

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