Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants

Making your vivarium look natural and trying to replicate the inhabitants natural environment is very important, it helps to show what their environment would look like

If you can mange real plants then even better, however, when that is not practical or possible, then artificial plants are the perfect solution.

Available in plastic or silk, so most vivarium's are catered for, flowers or greenery is down to choice, but hopefully which way you decide to decorate you will be able to find the right type of plant within this section


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Product no.: 34589

A set of three vivarium plants,these plastic plants mounted on corkbark are ideal for small vivariums

Size Approx 

18-20cm tall

£9.99 *
Product no.: Z548697

A very realistic looking fern,made from plastic has a long tail, that can be attached to wood/Rocks

Approx 20cm Tall

£4.99 *
Product no.: 124787

This Mini Cork Tube comes complete with two small plastic ferns, instant impact in any vivarium

£8.99 *
Product no.: FB4587

This plastic fern mounted on cork bark makes a nice addition to the smaller vivarium or great foreground in a larger vivarium

£4.99 *
Product no.: PLS30

A really lovely two tone plastic boston fern, looks great in all types of vivariums

30cm Tall Approx

£4.99 *
Product no.: PF30

A green/red tone plastic fern mounted onto corkbark a nice addition to the vivarium

30cm H

£6.99 *
Product no.: 822151

This is a huge artificial fern,looks fantastic in the larger vivarium very realistic looking

£8.99 *
Product no.: 821925

A small artificial boston fern with 6 bright grenn fronds, use by itself or in groups ideal for vivariums


£3.99 *
Product no.: 833997

This panel looks great in the vivarium or as a spawning /foreground decoration in an aquarium

26cm x 26cm


£6.99 *
Product no.: XLGEM

This large plant panel can be used as background cover or cut into small squares

60cm x 40cm




£11.99 *

 plus delivery

21 - 30 of 46 results