Bugdorm Net Cages

Bugdorm Net Cages

Bugdorm Net Cages

Again these are net cage which come ready for you to assemble, using the rods supplied,great housing for all type of insect and for Insect study out in the field

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Product no.: BD41515

A slightly smaller professonal rearing cage with a access sleeve for feeding and replacing food

Dimensions: L17.5 x W17.5 x H17.5 cm



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Product no.: BD42222

The framework of lightweight fiberglass makes BugDorm-42222 insect cage very easy to assemble.

External dimensions of BugDorm-42222

L24.5 x W24.5 x H24.5 cm,


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Currently unavailable

Product no.: BD43030

BugDorm-43030 cage is very easy to assemble by simply connecting plastic poles with splints.

Dimensions: L32.5 x W32.5 x H32.5 cm


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Product no.: BD43074F

Extra Tall Praying Mantis/Stick insect/Butterfly/Moth Insect rearing cage perfect for arboreal species

Over 2ft Tall


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